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Brian Surratt (pronounced Sir-Rat) is a musician based out of Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and is currently referring to himself in the third person, as people often do when attempting to sound important.

I am a solo musician, who strives to sound as much unlike a solo musician as I possibly can.
I am a musical multitasker; I play guitar/ukulele, I sing and play harmonica, and play drums with my feet simultaneously. I use loopers sparingly to create extra dimension, without relying on them to the point where I am spending 7 minutes to create what would be a 3 minute song. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that, but I like to keep everything as live and in the moment as possible.

I have a widely eclectic repertoire, and have the material to play widely dynamic situations, from chill dinner music to upbeat dance music, and a little bit of everything between.

I am a drummer as well, and play/have played drums in bands such as  Raygun Ruby,
the Lounge Rays, The Croatones, The Stokes, and multiple duos/trios/musical conglomerations.

Since the near world-ending Covid situation, the opportunities for playing with bands have been scarce, so I have really been putting in the work to hone my skills with the solo setup, which is the most exciting and rewarding musical challenge of my life.

You can check out my calendar here to see when/where I am playing, as well as the 100's of gigs I have played since 2018, when I first began this musical adventure.

I am extremely fortunate and thankful for the great people who have given me so many opportunities in my short time as a full time resident of Hatteras Island, and to all the people who have shown so much support. It really is a dream come true living on this little island and being able to play music for people.

In addition to live performance, I also write and record my own music & play all the instruments in the studio.
You can listen here:

Brian Surratt Reverbnation page

...and I make these self produced music videos, that you can watch here:

Scary Bird Productions Youtube page

And please feel free to visit and like my facebook page, where you can find hours upon hours of live performances:

Brian Surratt Music facebook page

I have a drinking country music alter ego named KESNEY, who also does music videos.

If you want to drop me a line or request a song for me to learn, send an email to brian@briansurratt.com, or click the contact link below.

If you want to know more about me and my relationship with music, visit my wordpress blog.
It is all about my musical ride, the good, bad and ugly, the victories, trials and tribulations.
I will not be offering political opinions, only a view into my existence on this planet as it pertains to music.

And here is part 2:
In The Headlock of a Dream

Part 3:
Some Unforeseen Tragedy

There are many rabbit trails to explore on this site; feel free to poke around, and I will stay forever busy trying to bring in new content.

Thanks for visiting!


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