This was an idea, borrowed from a book I read on home recording.
The book had lots of good advice, tips and techniques and stuff, but the most important thing I got out of it is this:
This guy has put together a recording community-type thing, and once a month, all the people in the group spend a day by themselves, and each person tries to record and mix 20 songs in just 12 hours. They usually don't get 20 songs done, but sometimes they do, and even if they don't, they get several songs completed.
It's easy to get in a recording rut, and it's even easier to sit and analyze everything to death, to the point where you never finish anything.
Turd polishing.
So, in the winter of 2007 I decided to try this technique for myself.
This little experiment, I believe, was a great exercise in combatting overthinking, and although there are some serious rough patches, I am pretty happy with the result, because these are songs that, had I really thought about them, would never have existed. In a strange sense, I can enjoy these songs more than most of my other stuff, because it's almost as if someone else wrote them.
It's called The Itching because during this process some rash had taken over my body, causing me to scratch constantly and become insane.
In my sleep, I unconsciously used my toenails to rip all the flesh off my legs.
And, of course, 2012 represents what I'm trying to do-20 songs in 12 hours. It is also, some believe, the end of time, according to the ancient Mayan calendar

These songs are recorded without a plan. They start with drums, and then usually bass, then guitar, then vocals.

For anyone interested in the lyrics and a little back story, click on the song titles below.

Ghost of 95
The Itching
In A Word
Heavy Thinkin
All Rise
Date With The Coroner
Grimbone vs the Illuminati

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