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There are a couple reasons why I support Rumble over Youtube.

Simply, I support freedom of speech for all people, and I do not support censorship.

The First Amendment and free speech in general has inexplicably become a "right wing" concept. but

it is something that everyone should be doing everything they possibly can to protect.

I guarantee almost every single one of you will agree with me at some point, once the levers of

power shift, amd it becomes YOUR speech that is being censored, and YOUR voice silenced.

And THAT is the point of the First Amendment; it doesn't matter which psychopathic criminal

corrupt cult party is in control, you still have your right to speak out in any way and against

anything you choose. I, however, am only posting music video stuff but I still choose to support

those who support free speech. I am an absolutely independent thinker and do not support any

political party.


I really don't feel like dancing around all of the "offensive" hysteria either. I have no ill

will towards anyone, but people who want to be offended by something will always find a way. The

way I see it, if someone wants to be offended, then they SHOULD be. Political correctness is a

very dumb dog chasing its own tail, and I am not willing to put any energy towrds it. I have

common sense to not purposely hurt anyone's feelings, but we are WAY beyond the realm of common



In general, Youtube/Google have become too powerful and in my opinion, too evil, and I like to

back up the underdog. In my mind it's like shopping at a local business instead of WalMart.

And from a purely capitalistic point of view, I have been paid 40 cents by Rumble in the last 2

years, compared to nothing from Youtube in the past 2 decades, ha!


I will still post certain videos on Youtube, but there will definitely be exclusive content on

Rumble that will NOT be on Youtube.